Axel Flovent ‘Sea Creatures’ : Move with emotional gravity and certainty.

Axel Flovent / Photo: Clara Schicketanz

Garnering ever so gently, the wisps of inner proposals for love and confidence, Axel Flóvent comes up aces with ‘Sea Creatures’. It’s a horn accompanied beauty of emotions, and it makes you move with emotional gravity and certainty. A shake of feelings, in heart, it delivers at top shelf amble, as Axel reclaims the center of balance.

For you. For us. For the world that isn’t quite fair at times.

Rising Icelandic singer-songwriter Axel Flóvent’s debut EP ‘Tourist’ (out now) is a collection of songs about moving home and finding respite from loneliness. A series of tales, ever built on floats of garnished revelry, recited into ultimate being, it transcends as in the best traditions of bands like Aquilo and Bear’s Den.

Axel has done it, indeed.


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