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Ay Wing (with Chuuwee x Shuko) Share ‘Orange Dreamer’. “Sultry electro-beat goodness to the fore.”


Berlin based AY WING, brings her sultry electro-beat goodness to the fore, once more, with ‘Orange Dreamer’. Collaboration with American hip hop artist, Chuuwee, and producer, Shuko, the single is a 60’s drenched chardonnay shimmered vocal beauty, with the perfect effervescence in rap verses. The song ties down into a chill crescendo, of which charms and luxuriates with mahogany splendor.

Ay said, “I wrote Dreamer’ when I was recovering from my time in the United States while I was on tour. The song is about getting back to and finding myself again. My friend once told me that he always sees the color orange when I’m with him, so it seems to be my color,”

Being disillusioned, is a common barrier to the next level. It is the nature of things. And when that happens, you need to reset. You know yourself the best.

And that’s what AY WING did. And with it, ‘Orange Dreamer’ is a culmination of stories, within stories, to deliver on the future’s great potentials once more.

For if not now in turning it all around, then when?



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