Ayane Yamazaki ‘Counting on my fingers’ : Charming and drizzling in sentiments, both interspersed and real.

Ayane Yamazaki

‘Counting on my fingers’ by Ayane Yamazaki is a song which will be the first track of the album ‘LIFE’. The LP was inspired by Japanese city pop in the 80’s, and was completed by the arrangement of gems by the sound producer Katsura Maruyama.

The international version single is about a girl who came to Tokyo from the suburbs and lost her love. Big city does that sometimes. But it’s the coming of age for a soul, of which is destined to be, when growing up and going to the next chapters of one’s life.

Charming and drizzling in sentiments, both interspersed and real., the single is driven by Ayane’s lovely and wispy vocals of pop storytelling.

Ayane Yamazaki is a 20 year old Japanese singer/songwriter. When she was 17, she appeared at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 2016 as the youngest singer-songwriter ever, and became a hot topic. It was the first appearance and it was an extraordinary two-day appearance.

The Japanese version will be the theme song for the LGBTQ movie ‘become blue’, which was directed by 22 year old Yuya Teramoto, the cast and staff are all young people in their 20s. This year, it will be broadcast on Amazon Prime.

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