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Aztek // The High Divers // Guy Margalit // Jesper Hasnaoui // Opeongo

Aztek – Darkest Hour

Formed in 2015, the northern Denmark originating band AZTEK brings classic guitars, bass, and drums, draped in aggressive understatements of the vocals. Directed by Benjamin Vestergaard Johansen and completed with bandmates Michael Buchardt, Rasmus Lykke, Minik Lundblad, and Jeppe Søndergaard, the outer reaches of the Universe calls through and settles in for the long haul of your dreams. Catchy licks and fuzz capture your senses with outstanding performances in evocative renditions placed clearly for the listener to feel. ‘Darkest Hour’ is the first single from AZTEK’s upcoming EP, to be released later in the year. The sensations from this single signals the change in breadth and width of how a song can be procured and summoned. The vast collection deviates none in the song, as it penetrates in absolute perfection.

The High Divers – Stick Around

“We just wanted to be a kickass, road-ready, rock ’n’ roll band”, mused frontman, Luke Mitchell of THE HIGH DIVERS. Comprised of Luke, his wife, Mary Alice Mitchell, Julius DeAngelis and Kevin Early. The classic rock of the band is hearty, and direct, where there is an anthemic confidence to face the world. That confidence is inherent to the extent of the songs the band produces. Their EP ‘Ride With You’ strikes at the heart of subjects of love and freedom. “Having to do the thing you’re most afraid of for your job is hard. We’re a little more nervous than we used to be driving from city to city. It’s really put touring into perspective for us. We always took it seriously, but now, it’s much more so. We always hold it in higher regard,” stated Luke. Mary Alice added: “We try to give it our all onstage because it’s like…what if I don’t get to do this tomorrow?” ‘Stick Around’ is a fabulous song that touches immediately and you won’t forget its effect on you for a long while.

Guy Margalit – Something

GUY MARGALIT’s single ‘Something’ is a drizzly cohabitation of a song that dangles understated sensibilities to dreamy beats of love and whispers between strangers. Mix of doo-wop and indie-rock / dream-pop goodness, the single is a proper way of depicting a feeling of some kind of lovely vibes. A this and that of the confusion for what is right in front of you. Her. You. Him. You. Tasting the potential of love’s hugs could be possible. Will it be possible? Off of his album ‘Big Kid’ (available now) with guitar in hand and a mountain top full of music in his heart, Guy’s delectable mixtures of pop, r&b, soul, and indie-rock just comes together seamlessly and with a gentle kick. Your eyes widen as you feel your cells enjoying his songs, to the fullest.

Jesper Hasnaoui – Caroline

Oslo Norway based Jesper Hasnaoui is beautiful listen to, especially in his single ‘Caroline’. Chicago-esque, the chorus of ‘Caroline’ spans out into that far off horizon with ease and affection. The winds of change comes with a sweep of fresh breezes, and Jesper successfully offers a delicious taste int his single. Music is a therapeutic assistance in his life, and he wants it to be the same for all of us. Measured, spontaneous, longful, ecstatic – driven guitars and smooth vocals and lyrics, mellow out the edges as it seeps effortlessly into our psyche.

Opeongo – hopeless

Twenty six year old singer/songwriter Keegan Trumpour is a force to be reckoned with. The powerfully emphatic vocals within his singles push out the convictions for why he does, what he does in music. The now Toronto based artist kicks ‘Hopeless’ into high gear, as the surge of energies pound away at the senses of our gleaming visions. Mental health, is a big focus of much of his current works, and with it, he delves deep into what it means to be as such, in this modern era. With personal experience with such unhealthy situations, the mix-genre musician is as bold and proud of his amplified lyrics and messages as they come. From small beginnings, the artist with the big heart readies our listening ear with an undeniable and golden touchable caress.


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