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Azwel Shares ‘Half The Battle’. “It Was Her Moment, She Knew No One Could Take.”

The gentle sweep of the warm summer breeze was well taken and accepted by her. Underneath the tree, on top of that hill, the shade helped her cool, and she enjoyed its every moment. She listened carefully to the silence, absorbing the fragrance of the day. She was always amazed by the sheer significance of where she was in the world, the Universe.

She smiled when she thought those inklings in her head.

It was her moment, she knew no one could take, or pervert.

Each day she was on top of that hill, was another day out of the hell she set for herself.

She was guilty. She knew that. Nothing she could do about that now.

Integrity and patience was her weapon now.

As her dress gently danced with the breeze from the west, she looked towards the east. A place she can start over – an emblem to what she can do, for her new future.

AZWEL consists of Jason Perrillo, Joe Lorge, Gregg Steele, John Zaletel, and Randy Bennis. With weeping multi-instrumental story telling with their single ‘Half The Battle’, you’re taken away to a time and a place of imagination and possible lessons in reality.

It’s up to you.



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