B.A.D.A. ‘This Might Be The Time’ : Radiate with unbound energy in the best of the genre’s stance.


NY/LA based artist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Carey Clayton and Brazilian artists/producer Pedro Cesario, together are, B.A.D.A.

‘This Might be the Time’ may sound like a pivot moment among the latest electronic releases of Brazilian-American outfit, but still, appropriate for the times. Pedro Cesario, the artists behind the project, tells the story about how the song happened, just a few weeks ago.

“I wanted to portrait the historic moment we are living as the eyes of mother nature in control of the changes…If we are given one more choice, would we awake?”

The gentle songwriting flows in airy Sufjan Stevens-like vocals as the track rises to reveal a dramatic change of scenery with a a western solo of Carey Clayton and a post-apocalyptic synth orchestra. Unapologetically merging 60’s psychedelia, late 70’s disco buoyancy, 80’s dark-pop and 90’s soulful R&B with Pedro`s winding vocals and Clayton`s jagged experimental electronica, reflective sheen of notes unalterable, radiate with unbound energy in the best of the genre’s stance.


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