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Revisit! B Boys ‘Energy’ (Official Video)

B Boys’ ‘Energy’ – the song and the video – IS ‘perfect’. It’s granularly decadent, fun, self deprecating to a certain degree, and it sure is a great demonstration of the the band’s talents.

To us here at CHF, it’s especially awesome, when we get to discover talents from fabulous artists and fabulous labels, because, to be honest, we’re in the same game of promoting and professing our love for the artists we love to listen to, right?

Love this kind of stuff.

Simply that.

Anywho, we’d reviewed ‘Walking’ couple of months ago, and we loved that, as much as we love ‘Energy’.

‘Energy’ was released in the 13 song album ‘Dada’.

It’s a franetic catacomb of a song with chambers of musical bliss, centered and monitored by the strong aesthetics of the band.

It’s a treat, to be sure.

So, have at the video. Enjoy it. Just like we always do.

The guys in the band will appreciate it.

Kudos, all around.

B Boys is rep’ed by Captured Tracks, and ‘Dada’ dropped in June 2017 and is available for purchase.



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