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B. Hamilton Shares ‘Song for T.W.’ “Invites you to join and groove with them. Psst. You should.”

Underrated? Is that the word? Yep. Talented, and fabulously engaging? Is that a phrase? Yep. B. Hamilton? Is that the band?

Heck yes.

Regionally pervasive and decisive, the band that was formed by Ryan Christopher Parks, Andrew Kenneth Macy, and Raj Kumar Ojha has the balls to be this good. And as they say, “If you got it, you should show it off.”

B. Hamilton is a decadent rock band that is tight, and shows utmost perfection in their song craft, from here to Timbuktu. The righteous rock from each individual member casts the kind of originality that is deserving of such souls. And it’s also very much deserving of the listeners and fans to get the chance to listen and rock your heads off from the stem.

Off of the latest album ‘Nothing And Nowhere’, you are quickly dropped into the air territory of another Universe as the psyche tinged blues-rock grips you on your heart and gets your juices flowing.

The tactile push of the band is dictatorial in its offerings, both benevolent and gracious.

Like an AC/DC energy drunk groove, ‘Song For T.W.’ is a beauty of rock and pop that slows things a bit. But as the vocals trade in its work boots for the evening night out on the town, it invites you to join and groove with them.

It’s a treat, indeed.

180 gram 12” vinyl of their new record ‘Nothing and Nowhere’ is available now.

See this fab band next @ The UPTOWN, November 22nd.



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