B-Js ‘Panic Buyers Theme’ : Exasperation of drum-bass, fusion-driven occult framed in the lyrical rap and hiphop assaults.


When you talk about panic-buying, it’s a talk about human inadequacies, being afraid of the unknown, even when the proof of life is of the contrary. We don’t want to be left out. We don’t want to lose that opportunity. We don’t want the other to take what’s ‘rightfully’ yours. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in your eyes, and you’re going to be the one surviving and eating the marrow.

Well, in theory anyways.

B-Js dynamic production of ‘Panic Buyers Theme’ is a cogent dedication to (hopefully) a blip in civilization that will subside. But like the gents in B-Js, it’s inherent in our human DNA and maybe this kind of phenomenon will occur like wildfires do in the forests.

And just like wildfires, this single is a burn to the bone, exasperation of drum-bass, fusion-driven occult framed in the lyrical rap and industrial hiphop assaults.

It hurts so good. Their fans would agree.

Dig these talents from Bristol UK.

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