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B O K E H Shares ‘Options’. “It’s never too late. Let’s make it happen.”

Caroline Mackintosh

B O K E H is the project of electro-pop songstress, Chloë Lewer, who stated: “This project is a dedication to anyone who has ever felt repressed due to their true desires, gender or sexuality, like I have…” South African born, New Zealand raised, and Berlin based, the artist captures the height of angst and anxiety with her latest, ‘Options’.

A complex world demands us of simple answers and actions. A world that seems so futuristic, needs a reminder of what the past had offered in, un-necessary pain and anguish. The world, in the whole, has never been more expressive and knowledgeable about so much information about each other. Common threads kick up subjects of unspoken nervousness, and we must deal with the human element, if we dare.

Merging electronics and alt-pop sensibilities, B O K E H, resigns to the fact that she doesn’t have all the answers, as neither do the rest of us. But there is a thrust of core principles and social visions of interaction that must hit the button for fairness, equality, and decency.

And unlike the past, we don’t have the excuse of ‘ignorance’.

Information is at our beck-n-call. It is there for self education, confirmation, discussion, and optional actions.

Repressions, bigotry, and suppression of others, must wane in power and empathy in continued acceptance.

“Sometimes life needs to change. It takes a lot of courage and strength to ‘take a good look’, to move on from something or someone,” Chloë said. “Options is about moving forward, plunging into the unknown and finding your own sense of pleasure and freedom in what you want and who you want to be.”

The music video was the story told in fabulous dance and story. Told in the voice of the protagonist, Dominic: “‘Dominic’ hides his desire to be a professional dancer and his true sexuality. He is trapped inside a square box. One day a week he hires a private dance studio, a space where he can let go, be his real self and find his own validation. We see Dominic dancing his internal battles with his identity, gender and sexuality, until he loses his inhibitions and fears, finally claiming his own body, desires and choices.”

The world has never been more forward thinking.

Let’s keep on going.



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