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B.Wood // Tall Teeth // Evan Thomas Way & The Phasers // Katey Brooks // Fell Runner

B.Wood – Searching for the Words

Asbury Park, New Jersey based artist B.Wood (Bryan Wood) comes at us with a deliciously sentimental piece named ‘Searching for the Words’. The acoustic guitar driven confessions of a lonesome heart, keeps tabs at the corner store, and for how it could be like when approaching her – and her gaze. A predicament for a soul searching in whim, always searching for what is in front of him, but always failing to reach the right conclusions. Hesitation, confusion – a diabolical remedy for the facets of life that seemed none existent. The protagonist wields the right to want the right things in life. But will he realize such love from her that already fires so bright? Bryan is also the singer/guitarist in the band Wicked Hollow, as well.

Tall Teeth – Stale Makeup

An uncanny performance, ‘Stale Makeup’ is the work of Bradley Price of Melbourne. Off of the debut EP ‘Ebb’, the howls of understated colors start pouring out of this decadent rendition for the heart. The remarkable attention to the nuance of it all, the singer songwriter brings us to a flower filled field of razors and knives, which cut deep into our skin of egos. With a varied touch upon the best traditions of such bands as Radiohead and Nirvana, TALL TEETH slathers Bradley’s own concoction of beauty in black and blue, within the labyrinth of words and emotional solitude. Wishing for a place of the ‘new’, ‘Stale Makeup’ is the story of exploring “the idea of coming back to an empty canvas, living and breathing a period of time much more colourful than the last,” Tall Teeth explained. “The story of the song started because the road had become more defined, yet the potentials and challenges of the journey were not to be overlooked.” Bravo Bradley. Bravo.

Evan Thomas Way & The Phasers – Gone

The lyrics of EVAN THOMAS WAY & THE PHASERS’ single ‘Gone’ is of the haunting weight of living and living the life of the day-to-day. Like a relationship of foregone conclusions, it dreads and drags your every cell. Where have the hopes gone? Where has excitement gone to? Where have you gone? Gone can turn right away to another direction, of happier and more fulfilling resolutions. Don’t let it get to you, for too long. Evan is joined by Raymond Richards (co-producer of the record with Evan and plays electric guitar and pedal steel), Adam Beam (drums), and Alex Chapman (bass), with support from Michael Blake (keys), Eric Earley (organ) and Ben Latimer (saxophone). The extraordinarily stack of talent is neatly and beautifully formed inside the mold of Evan’s teasingly grand view of life that could have been. But it’s not too late to walk away now. Let’s forge ahead. The honesty of ‘Gone’ is gorgeous. It’s the perfect place for all of to ponder our places of gray. A place where we visit most often.

Katey Brooks – All of Me

“It was a very chaotic upbringing, full of some pretty colourful and sometimes unsavoury, characters. But when I sang, I felt free and connected. For as long as I can remember, it’s been my way of getting what I need to say out.” KATEY BROOKS had in fact grew up in a cult. And with the uncertainties of such pressures and confusion, Katey knows only one way to get and stay on the right road. And that is music. With the powerful and soulful vocals, she wrings out the bad demons, with each and every note. The blues flow from Katey with the kind of force that is evident and expected of such a talent. We’d been fans and Katey’s voice is pure bliss. We’d called her previous single ‘In Your Arms’ we’d stated: “It is ecstasy. Her voice makes our spine peak up, and instantly fall in love. No matter how hard thing will be, we have hope and smiles for the unknown future when Katey sings for us. The stunning single is beautiful in every way. We are entrenched in her warmth.” Good things just don’t change, and in this case, it sure is appreciated.

Fell Runner – Come Home

Seven years ago, FELL RUNNER was founded by Steven van Betten and Greg Uhlmann while studying at CalArts. Now located in Los Angeles, and with the completion of the band with Marcus Högsta and Tim Carr, the quartet brings subjects of emotional delicacy with thoughtful attention that are warranted. Hitting stories of needs, and lust, and confusion, FELL RUNNER delights with jangly guitar work, reflective on diabolically sticky riffs and demure suggestions of bliss. “We are all improvisors and have spent a lot of time playing those kinds of music,” Steven stated. “Even though our live set doesn’t have a tremendous amount of proper improvisation, each show is different and unique from any other show that we play. We lean into everything in a different way, and the communication is always happening.” Their new album ‘Talking’ drops June 2019.


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