Baba Ali ‘House’ : Funky groove of taciturn thematics and the gripping fun of it all.

Debut EP will be released in February 2020.

Baba Ali

Glitch aside, you plan your next ride, into that haze of a galactic subsistence. A gliding, and intrusive, resonance of sight and mind, resisting and foreboding – a petulant childlike inhibition, writhes with anticipation in a dull room of hospital white. A callously brooding anti-anthem glitters as ‘House’, the latest from Baba Ali, bursts your bubble and asks you to mind your own.

But you smile and drown in this funky groove of taciturn thematics and the gripping fun of it all.

Said Baba: “The songs were written and demos recorded in the living room of a flat I was renting in south London near the end of 2018. At this time I had also started collaborating with my guitarist Nik, who I had met while bartending in Whitechapel. A few months later the songs were taken to LA, where we worked with Jamie Hince and The Kills. We’ve long been fans of their music and Jamie brought a fresh angle and energy that gave the tracks a new life and immediate fullness. This track was perfect to start with to bring the walls down, so to speak. It’s funky with a hardened edge. It’s urgent and it’s fed up. I remember writing the lyrics on a roll of receipt paper at the end of a long bar shift staring out at a crowd of drunkards.”

Hailing from New York but a resident of the UK for the last few years as he completed a master’s degree in fine art, Baba Ali has spent the last few years honing both his music and his visual art while attending Goldsmiths College.

Influenced by acts like T-Model Ford, J Dilla, Madlib, Joy Division, and Wayne Shorter (amongst others), Baba’s delicate but thrusting amplitude of musically sited collages, paints you pictures of joy, sadness, confusion, and everything in between. The painting is emblematic of human limitation, fabulously shining in colors of bright.

Baba’s debut EP will be released in February 2020.



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