Babehoven ‘Only So’ : “A prayer for resolution, both globally and personally.”


Babehoven’s ‘Only So’ is the single off of upcoming EP ‘Demonstrating Visible Difference of Height’.

“‘Only So’ is a prayer for resolution, both globally and personally,” said Babehoven. “The song builds from a quiet, almost defeated tone to a full band prayer for a reconvening of loved ones. ‘Only So’ indicates a breaking point; “there is only so much I can take of this destruction;” we are facing a time of dire need, of inflammation, of destruction. Recognizing this time, but attempts to plead with it; when can we grow beyond this? When is enough really enough?”

Poignant, delicate – like a flower with spines of truth, ‘Only So’ casts doubts, while fully authorizing, and delivering.

The crushing vocals of Babehoven, impacts with all of the victory of a soul’s searching rise to prominence.


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