Baby Beef ‘Beautiful Hands’ : “Your concerns and your pride and your insecurities.”

Baby Beef

“Self-harm scars and botched tattoos don’t make your hands any less expressive, any less thankful, any less beautiful. Your hands are beautiful, your body is beautiful and they’re an extension of you, your feelings, your concerns and your pride and your insecurities. They do a lot of work, because you do a lot of work. They do the touching, because you want them to, because someone wants them to.”

Baby Beef is made of Baby Beef himself (Hewett), Mumma Beef (Hayley) and Christian Values. And each set of numerators from each performer, consistently select prominent acts of engagement and appropriation with their fans and audience. The thorough entertainment of the band, spikes like a fever, you’d never thought you’d wanted.

The goodness form the band, continues with all the heft of the subject matters; implemented into tens of thousands in shards of inquiries.

Emotional journey you take yourself on when learning to love your body. The highs & lows of self-confidence and the effect that has on your outlook and your relationship with the outside world… not only for the nagging ghosts you shed as you get older, but the vicious, more threatening ghosts that try to take their place.”

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BEAUTIFUL HANDS OUT NOW! Link to clip and an interview we did with @lifewithoutandy in bio! O happy day. So excited to share this with you we had such a time making it all. Big big love to everyone involved and they are as follows: Production Company: @dirty.555 Concept and Production Design: @dirty.555 Producer: @claireeelizabeth Director/Editor: @notclover Cinematographer: @jaygrnt Camera Operator: @dabbs_the_original Gaffer: @tommykeyes.elx VX camera and FX: @throat.pasta Colour Gradist: @dw_colourist Titles: @gaz_kanata Costumes: @thewildemerchant & @route66store Production Assistants: @lucindawh, @harryjayw @liamgfrench BTS: @polvkworld @lucindawh Song out through @viscera_arts Love to all 💚💚💚 BB

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