Baby Beef ‘Sticking Around’ : The first taste of the debut EP. And what a taste it leaves.

Baby Beef

Process and program of testing. A testing of efficiency of awkwardness, that can blossom. A hospice of place, where normal can transform into new form. All that is what the sum of Baby Beef’s single ‘Sticking Around’ is all about.

It’s odd, manual, improbable, and empowering.

Said Baby Beef: “Sticking around is a song about being in love with someone but not being in love with yourself, and the emotional price you pay for dragging your depressed ass through something you really want but are not able to achieve. It takes a long time to accept how miserable you might be, how much your attempted loyalty is hurting your lover, and even longer to accept that it doesn’t have to be that way. Couples therapy might be a great way to open dialogues, but whats the point in anything when you’re not having the right conversations with yourself?”

Baby Beef is made of Baby Beef himself (Hewett), Mumma Beef (Hayley) and Christian Values. And each set of numerators from each performer, consistently select prominent acts of engagement and appropriation with their fans and audience. The thorough entertainment of the band, spikes like a fever, you’d never thought you’d wanted.

The goodness form the band, continues with all the heft of the subject matters; implemented into tens of thousands in shards of inquiries.


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