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Baby Bulldog Shares ‘Work on Things’. “Get in. Get cozy.”

BABY BULLDOG is Steph Barker. Woman. Musician. Artist. An acknowledge and self-defined mystery box, the Los Angeles based cultivator of notes and words that highlight what’s going on in her heart – she thrives in that virtual banality.

“I wrote ‘Work On Things’ on a day off from tour,” Steph stated. “I was home and didn’t wanna leave. It was the first song I wrote as Baby Bulldog because when I finished it everything clicked, I had discovered my sound. It was the beginning of Baby Bulldog. I wrote and produced it in my apt in Silver Lake and the next day I left to continue tour with Coast Modern. I also really do have a dope down pillow and I love it so much.”

Steph’s one woman show is literally a one woman show, with her behind the drum kit, belting out her feelings, amplifying her queer stories, with the dash of spice that her ‘oddity’ portrays.

But we see through her shield, as we also try to seek out the goodness and the weird within us.

Just underneath the odd pace and majestically un-conventional subtleties, lies the robust angst of an adult woman just doing her best to survive, then thrive.

Her songs make more sense than you’d ever think.


Get in. Get cozy. Get nearer to BABY BULLDOG.



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