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Baby Cages Shares ‘Flowers’ Off Of Available EP ‘Bitter Melon’. “Music Is Her Game.”

BABY CAGES’ single ‘Flowers’ is off of the new EP ‘Bitter Melon’. Halloway Jones is her name. And music is her game. Along with her cohort, Special Costello (Jeremy Costello), who helped her first songs and drums and stuff, they eventually became a duo and started to evolve musically together.

Nothing can phase her.

Nothing will deter her.

Within the single ‘Flowers’, the psychedelia elements bring the frothy and yet down to earth meaningfulness of past experiences right down to the core of it all.

But it’s all in fun.

Well, until someone takes out an eye by mistake.

“No running by the poolside!”

Anywho, listen to the EP. Listen to ‘Polly’ and ‘Satin’, then you’ll ‘get-it’.

So very good.

Should be in your rotation for sure.



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