Baby Combat ‘Hana Was a Wrestler’ : Death, in small cyber cuts. Inspiration, to dedicate to a human experience.

Baby Combat

“This song is written for Hana Kimura, the late wrestler who starred in the hit Japanese reality TV series, Terrace House. She took her life on May 23, 2020, due to cyberbullying. I wrote the song the morning I woke to the news of her passing. She was what you might call an effervescent person, so this one hit hard. She was 22.”

Bullying and death has been accelerating in the age of the Internet. With deeper and deeper cuts through the proverbial heart, the trolls and perpetrators, have 24/7 access, to emotively maime, and indirectly castrate a living – breathing – human being.

Death, in small cyber cuts.

Baby Combat was moved. He wrote an anthem. Both about his listeners becoming more aware. And also, to let the world know that, a person, of high talent and ambition, had to say good-bye.

Sadness, birthed ‘Hana Was A Wrestler’. Maybe one more step into bigger impact on a part of this human experience.

Baby Combat is NYC based and powered by the day-to-day. Baby Combat is Noel Yeo.

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Fifth single from 'Single of the Month' series. Released Mar 22, 2019. Tokyo holds a special place in my heart. Almost moved there once for work. Altogether, I've been to the city around 7-8 times. And I'll probably go back there 7-8 times more. I can't remember when this particular video was taken, but most of the scenes were around Yoyogi Park. On one end were a row of buskers, all pretty close together, and on the other – near Harajuku Station – were the famous rockabilly dancers. I remember looking at their boots with holes in them, from years of twisting and turning, and thought, man these guys are for real. Respect. I, too, want holes from doing the things I love. #rockabilly #yoyogipark #harajuku #shibuya #indie #indiemusic #indierock #indiepop #indiepoprock #bedroompop #dreampop #lofirock #musicvideo #spotifyforartists #tokyo

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