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Baby FuzZ // Tanners // Rainsford // Lauren Rocket // Melodi

Baby FuzZ – I’m Still Holding Out for You

Baby FuzZ is glittery, dynamic, and dare we say it: delectable. The music oozes out and pours into your ears, as honey does when she talks to you in bed. The love is eternal. The love that you envision is clear in your mind. You have much love to give, for the right person. And maybe, partially, that’s what BF is saying in ‘I’m Still Holding Out For You’. Take the voice and pair it with the assault of licks of the operatic verses, you have a ballad of anthemic and excellence. Beautiful stuff.

Tanners – Venus

Tremendous artist TANNERS says of ‘Venus’: “At night the sky was jet black, but the moon and stars were so bright that you didn’t even need a light. With some practice, I got pretty good at identifying stars and planets and it kind of became my party trick. Venus was the earliest to rise and was also the brightest point in the sky, so it became my reference point throughout my trip.” The Tennesseean turned New Yorker is a poet, here and forever. The talented pop artist knows how to use her musical tools to high effect, and makes tantalizing hooks and delightful journeys of imaginations. She just pulls on the handle of our minds, and just tells us to ‘hold on’. So we do. And it’s always glorious.

Rainsford – Somewhere Else

Can one be in one place and be at another, at the same time? That’s what happens when love is brought upon your soul, suddenly hit with lightening, you are dizzy with euphoria. That’s where you are in between this dimension of reality and the future of your happiness. Can you traverse, this large gulf of instant gratification? Can you win in this duel for the heart? Can you? RAINSFORD thinks so. In ‘Somewhere Else’, you have everything that you need in a decadent and rich brew of r&b/soul that we all need. And how decadent it is. With harmonies dropping like golden sunshine, you’re overwhelmed with the energy – the time tripping properties. He’s still looking at you. It must be love.

Lauren Rocket – Electricity

LAUREN ROCKET is Lauren Willow White and she does technicolor 80’s style neon pop like no-one can. And to be honest, it’s just extraordinary. With the mix of Blondie, Pat Benatar, Wilson Philips, Madonna like influences, in ‘Electricity’ Lauren shines like the shimmer of the morning horizon. Brisk with synth and delicious the artist stated: ” “It was influenced by Blondie, and memories of driving across the country. Also what it feels like to be in love in your youth, when everything feels so intense and so permanent.” We love what Lauren brings to the music world. We’d been fans since ‘Diamond Nights’, so no surprise there. Go, go.

Melodi – So Good

MELODI is a singer from Peckham, London (UK). And to us her mysterious vocal stylistics just make her single ‘So Good’ attractive and sticky. The artist has spend the last 2 years writing and honing her work with other producers, including musicians. And after her release of ‘Dance With Me’, this single takes it up a notch in her quest. When the perfect love is identified, it’s easy to understand and embrace. That’s what ‘So Good’ could mean for all of us. Dig in the life that is in front of you. It can be fabulous. ‘So Good’ is the 2nd single off of her debut EP, due to drop early 2019.


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