Baby FuzZ ‘We’re All Gonna Die!!!’ : What’s up death?! Bring it on! You got nothin’. And ‘scuse us while we dance.

Baby Fuzz

We’re all gonna die eventually. It’s unfortunate but true. That’s why it’s important to make the best out of the time we have. Enjoy life, help others, give back or leave something behind for the world. Life’s pretty short, so you gotta just make the most out of it.

Said Baby FuzZ: “Death is really the only thing we all have in common, so why not find some solace and bond over that fact in the form of a silly punk song.”

Banger? Yes.

This fabulous, punk riddled goodness is a bolster to the musical world. A mix of all that is fun, unholy, and as butt-kicking ‘ridiculousness’ as they’ll ever be. It is irresistible to the senses, as you’re shamed, if not participating. Baby FuzZ is the place you’d been looking for – without even trying. So, come on, take this no-guilt train ride.


All proceeds from this song will go to Doctors Without Borders.


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