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BABY JEY Shares ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’. “Shadows Highlight The Light, With Contrasting Invocation For The Calm.”

It was his day. It had taken another year to come around, but it was certain. He was ready. He was pumped. He’d been doing chin-ups to get his body to a degree of predictability for the paparazzi.

His day started ordinarily enough. He woke up, took a shower, and had a simple egg and toast breakfast that he enjoyed, while reading his favorite newspaper. The early mornings were his favorite time of the day, for it was quiet int he neighborhood. The kids from the block were still asleep, and you can hear the birds chirping nearby, to give the morning another layer of ‘hopeful’ feeling.

After breakfast, he took out his bottle of vitamins. He promised himself of regimenting himself so that he will eat 1 multi-vitamin pill every day. So, he did this day. Although he did miss yesterday’s, but he was extra excited for today’s events. Who could blame him, he thought to himself.

“Sometimes the world just passes by,” he thought. “And there’s a wave of things that you can control and can’t control.”

He felt more professorial after thinking about such things, just out of the blue. Which was a habit that he accumulated ever since that first day of this momentous event.

“Okay. Now it’s time Phil. Get psyched. The world is watching.”

And the doors opened.

Two hands reached out for him like it was from the heavens. The glow of the outside sun, gleamed in ecstasy. Phil was in his element! He loved it so!

“Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Punxsutawney Phil! And this time there will NOT be 6 more weeks of Winter!”

You can still see Phil’s proud smile.

BABY JEY in their single ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’ is a delicious amalgamation of tasty bits and synth/R&B stylisms. The shadows highlight the light, with contrasting invocation for the calm, blue memories, and the expectations we consume. They are lyrical warriors as well in this single, crossing over with jazzy and hip-hop elements – story telling, communicating.

Fabulous single.




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