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BABY JEY Shares ‘U Don’t Have 2 Go Alone’. New LP Drops September 14th.

We’d reviewed the fab band named BABY JEY a bit ago for their single ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’ and we stated: “BABY JEY in their single ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’ is a delicious amalgamation of tasty bits and synth/R&B stylisms. The shadows highlight the light, with contrasting invocation for the calm, blue memories, and the expectations we consume. They are lyrical warriors as well in this single, crossing over with jazzy and hip-hop elements – story telling, communicating.”

Now they come back with ‘U Don’t Have 2 Go Alone’, a throwback to the 80’s pop sensibilities, with the sprinkling of Baby Jey’s utter style and the charm that goes along with the band’s outputs.

The injection of synth, keys, and the unmistakably innocent sounding vocals of the Edmonton originating Jeremy Witten makes this a giant of a subtle addition to your rotation.

Just like ‘Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come’, this single pulls off the harmonies that only we could dream of.

This one’s going in our AUG playlist, as well.


The new LP will drop September 14th.



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