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Bacall & FrankK Shares With Us, ‘Ferrara’. “It’s going to be a good day.”

A day starts, the way a day starts. And when you have your significant other next to you, sleeping gently, in a cool and comfortable morning – there can’t be a better way to wake.

Her face…calm, confident, beautiful. Breathing in, out, with the expectation of the same from the other side of the bed. You glimpse over, stare for a bit, looking over her face, her eyes first, then her forehead, then her cheeks and nose. You lean over and kiss her, and her sleep drenched reaction solidifies the deal.

On the side of the bed, you sit for a moment, stretching your neck and torso, with a deep breath of air in your morning lungs.

“It’s going to be a good day.”

B&F’s ‘Ferrara’ plays in the background…

Some things in life matter more than others; just like the look she gives you, the help she provides, the loyalty he has for you, or the love of his gentle touch on your soul.

‘Ferrara’ is ripe with delectable elements, large enough to grab ahold of, with both hand. And it’s juicy enough to fit right in, any kind of environment.


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