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Back Talk ‘Secrets (The Weeknd Cover)’: Color me red and hit me with the bat. Talk back to me, please.

Attitude is a dime a dozen. But sometimes there’s a reason to celebrate. Back Talk’s cover of The Weeknd’s ‘Secrets’ is a refreshing, fast moving rendition – a trial for the sake of love, journey of faith, possible disappointments.

Really don’t know what to make of Back Talk, really.

The ‘schtick’ is real. And glad to say, the mask-thing gets to us.

But all comes down to the body of music, and seems that the band/group is on the right road.

Their record label Lights & Music Collective, out of Los Angeles described Back Talk as:

“Inspired by the pre-EDM era of Electro Rock and futuristic Hip-Hop beats, the enigmatic electronic group is on a mission to blaze their own path within the electronic music scene.”

That’s a broad mission statement for a band to partake.

But one thing’s for sure, the group is ‘enigmatic’ and has some good sh*t they want to produce and share with the listening public.

Go, go!

Well, bit more on the electronica side of things, but we were intrigued.

Hope to hear more from the group.

And their faces too (or are they going to keep like Daft Punk?)

We’ll find out, suppose.



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