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Backgammon Shares Rock Anthem For Your Love ‘Other Side Of Town’. Let’s Meet There, You And I.

Sometimes we need a kick in the butt. Yes. Our butt. Not yours. Well, maybe yours too. What we’re trying to say is that day-to-day, musically we need our ‘cotton balls’ flushed out of our ears and just need some straight forward pop-rock that stirs. Stirs that lemonade in that pitcher of rock goodness, with a pinch of power chords and maybe seductive roaring vocals.

You can start with Backgammon, where you’ll receive what we’d mentioned above, and then some with the single ‘Other Side Of Town’.

But why so high on this single you ask?

We at CHF goes with what a single brings out and stirs in our musical souls. And when the music is honest and straight forward (as this song is), it’s like that cleansing of the soul that we need every day.

The sonic experience is part anticipation of how they’d sound LIVE, and what the substance of the song entails. And boy, with the combination of the vocals and ‘man at arms’ call for party-central, the song deems to be recognized.

The band from the Netherlands, hits it right with this particular single, for sure.

‘Other Side Of Town’ dropped on BERT music (a division of TCBYML).



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