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Baco Doente – Sick Baco

‘Sick Baco’ is the first ever song from Baco Doente. Reverb, psyche tactics, irreverent slacker guitar – oh, baby. They’re going to release their debut album sometime November. And when it does, there might be hell to pay – from everyone of us on this earth. It won’t be too expensive, but the price for entry into this interesting lineup of artists, dang sure makes it worth while. Made up of Frederico Arruda, Walner Del`Duca, Victor Fonseca, and Stéphanie Fernandes, they are raw, punk, experimental and art-rock. They paint your bedroom walls pink and tells you it’s still white. You nod in compliance. Dig it.

Pikachunes – Submission

After a two year hiatus, Pikachunes is back with a refreshingly tongue-in-cheek 5-track EP ‘P.E’ (Physical Education), alluding to the coming of age and the acceptance of the physical and sexual self – love, lust, and all things in between, accompanied by an official video for the recently released single ‘Submission’. Miles McDougall is Pikachunes. “After releasing a very personal album back in 2017, in a time of peak drug and alcohol consumption, I felt it would be some time, if ever, that I release music again. A grown obsession with the 27 club and a crutch for each arm, I was in a headspace for destruction and not creativity. Through a series of eye-opening events/close calls and a couple of years of personal growth made possible through sobriety, I found myself in the position where I was turning to music once again, only more for its cathartic qualities and with no intention to release or to push music with the sole intent of commercial gain. I wanted to record something that was fun again. Something that was sonically interesting, absurd at times but squeaky clean pop at others. I like to think that you can hear some influences in my music, but because my own taste is so eclectic, the amalgamation of all influences creates something that can only be my sound.” He’s back. And the Universe is better for it.

Baby Combat – Joan

This is the final single of Baby Combat’s ‘Single of the Month’ debut, where a new single is written and released every month for a year. “It’s also a true story about a bartender I met inside a bar at a mall called Far East Plaza.” Whoa. Love story? Potential love story? That spark at meeting for the first time? Baby Combat’s shoegazy single is fantastically a bid for the small bit of heart that you carry with you secretly. Noel Yeo is the man behind this project, and he’s a singer-songwriter based in New York City, whom knows what’s up. The sky, damn you, and whenever it might suit the love gods. Nope. That’s just none-sense you say, as you read this. But think about it. Each meeting with a stranger, embeds a certain quality into your own DNA. It’s a historically significant embedding, and from it a small nudge is made towards a certain prospect within your life’s stream. ‘Joan’ could have been that small nudge for Noel. Insignificant, from the grand scale of things, but that exact Universe can work in mysterious ways. Well, at least we think so. Clean, direct, simple – ‘Joan’ entertains with a straight edge to life.

Missing Words – Hollow

‘Hollow’ is Missing Words’ First single released since the debut LP ‘Moment To Moment’. While writing Hollow James Meays Writer for MW strived to go back to his roots by writing a song centered around guitars also incorporating live drums into the mix. Providing succulent new-wave shoegaze, ‘Hollow’ gains with minimal effort. But with all of their effort, at the same time. Complex moves stride with wholesome dives of heartfelt mixology, as James’ curt but inquisitive vocals, deliver in song that makes you sway.

Hayes Peebles – Riddle Me

Former Song of the Day recipient for his single ‘Riding High’, the beautifully Brooklyn and all that is Country-rock, Hayes Peebles brings another fab single of ‘Riddle Me’. We’d stated: “With usual pension for the expressiveness that is quite related to his presentation, the Brooklyn-ite artist continues to delight and charm our listening souls.” We’d also said of him: “Haye’s vocals is rousingly perfect in this single, as the bluegrass/country vibes shimmer in between panes of foil, and reflects tones of understated hues of smiles, acceptance, introspection.” Both statements stay boldly true, as the singer/songwriter comes up with the goods, and give you all the full blend of value that’s required. Just like a big cup of early morning coffee, ‘Riddle Me’ is that warming feeling of indelible acceptance to the day’s tasks ahead. Great stuff, indeed.


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