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BAD ANIMAL Shares ‘Blackout’ With Dramatic And Entertaining Regulation.

BAD ANIMAL’s next chapter comes in the form of their new upcoming album, which will include the fierce single ‘Blackout’. It is a song that puts a crystal definition on which direction they are headed. The raw energy and provocative drive, makes the single something to look out for.

“‘Blackout’ was the result of pure excitement from discovering new sounds to work with. It stood out to us from all the past songs we had written, and set a clear standard for anything going forward with this album,” BAD ANIMAL recounted. “Mayhem, Destruction and Escape are the three things we want you to feel when you set your eyes on this smashing art piece that we have created.”

Reliant to the gravity of the situation, the pilot of the ship, Isidora, veered off on to an abandoned desert island. Here the crew of 16 set to prepare for the oncoming fate for their individual lives. There was no hope for salvation from the outside world, as the first night, then a month, then years past. And in the future past, the exploratory scientists landed on the seemingly deserted island, the gruesome discovery was witnessed. A purgatory of emotions were kept at bay with hatchets lined with empathy, and the crew of the Isidora had prevented the impending depression and sadness to invade the rest of world. The crew were heroes. Heroes of selfless sacrifice, honor and purity.

BAD ANIMAL sets on that path to ‘salvation and purity’ with their brand of significance and power. ‘Blackout’ relegates your basic instincts to the outright divorce from the heavy burdens of the world. The driving rock ensemble propels the mind, in dramatic and entertaining fashion.

The new album was produced by Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Destroyer, Hot Hot Heat, Yukon Blonde) at his Hive Studio on Vancouver Island.



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