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Bad Flamingo Shares ‘Lord Knows I Tried’. Forged With Fire. Conviction Abound.

Bad Flamingo is an art piece. A ceramic art vase that was born out of the fires and depths of the burning heart. Your heart. Our hearts burn and singe with the un-attained distinctions in life, relationships, struggles, under appreciative capacities of a human being’s limitations.

The vase is delicate, but molded out of the ores of the Earth, forged with fire. The fire, within builds to a climax, melting the kaleidoscope of colors, forever embedding for the world to see.

Shine into the sunlight, on an ordinary coffee table. But it shines on with magnitude, and attitude.

The duo ladies are certainly on their way with one being one of the songs featured in the new upcoming TV series ‘Yellowstone’ (Kevin Costner, Taylor Sheridan).

Sometime this summer, a debut album ‘I Said A Prayer Twice’ to drop and should be a doozy.

Kudos, ladies. Kudos.

Looking forward to even more.



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