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Bad Honey Shares ‘Somewhere Blue’. “The soft and surging strength, coincide in a dance of hate and lust.”

As charming as a Miyazaki-like world’s intoxicating thoroughfare, and deliberate as the winds of love between two lovers, the soft kisses from BAD HONEY’s single ‘Somewhere Blue’ is a delight in the most Universal.

Lydia Clowes and Teresa Origone paints a melancholic cynicism about the plight and purpose of unintelligible acts, in this single. Inspired by the documentary ‘Blackfish’, that miss use of such intellectual powers, unabashedly dictate to a degree the horrid human indictment towards other species.

At times ‘belonging’ is a state of mind. We belong as a set of biological weapons, hellbent on the destruction of other capable animals. We belong in a substitute blend of minds and hearts, who are lost, but hide that limitation by acting upon others’ suffering. We belong in the quest to defend again the maladies of the mal-intentioned, not realizing of the hypocrisy.

Contrast and juxtaposition is what this single: of that pastel Miyazaki world building and of the dark inquisitions of human beings. A tale of betrayal and love, love and hesitation, ultimately lost in the haze and stuck in the every-day’s battles.

That’s why this song speaks.

Lydia’s vocals waft through from here nor there, directing you from the corset of life, into the veritable scourge of that exact premise. The soft and surging strength, coincide in a dance of hate and lust, as you’re slowly and quickly, sucked in by the undertow of the production.

A cry out for help.

A hand that will support you.

Love that will desert you.

The soulful application in this beautifully constructed r&b single is sultry and dominating. A fresh and delightful offering that is, in uncertain terms, brings the best of the duo, to heights of untapped excellence.

This is the song you needed.

You just never knew.

Now you know.



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