Bad Idea ‘High School Musical’ : At the edges of the song, as it flowers warmly in progression.

Bad Idea / Photo: Francesca Tirpak

The sweetness from Bad Idea’s ‘High School Musical’ doesn’t feel like the typical sweetness. The tart gradients of charms and bitter, are at the edges of the song, as it flowers warmly as the song progresses.

The first single from their upcoming EP ‘I Just Want To Go Home’ (April 11th), it’s a beautiful charm that keeps you affectionate for the vibes of the song, from changes of pace to continuous shimmering rouse of guitar.

It’s a “sad song about nostalgia for summer days past. It repeatedly features the reprise “I just want to go home” which you can scream ironically at the top of your lungs whilst you are stuck in that very home..”

The Leeds (UK) based band offers up nostalgia, with that lush and moving lo-fi polish.


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