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Bad Person Shares ‘Locomotive’. “Will I Ever Be Able To Run Away From You?”

Echoing beats, rhythms thump, vocals resound – BAD PERSON’s single ‘Locomotive’ is a jazz embedded electro-pop-tastic extravaganza. The after-taste on this single is significant, decadent and unmistakably, unmistakable.

The single is the first single off of the full length album which is to drop September 14th.

BAD PERSON is Boston based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Joshua Pritchard, who, in our eyes, have set the tone for what and how he’ll conduct his tools of sonic magic for his fans and future fans. In this single, the ‘drama’ is realz, and the deep resonance of angst and nervousness is clearly communicated through the musical tools at his disposal. The mix of ‘grammatical’ pauses, incidences, highs and lows, make this single a devilish and charming way to start the 3 meal course of your heart.

“Will I have to run away from you?”


“Will I ever be able to run away from you?”

“No. Afraid not.”

“Good enough for me.”

Then an there, he accepted his fate – his fate in love for her, and his eternal torment of which will sprout.

He smiled, while his body became warm.

Pritchard’s self-induced effort to expand and conquer new territories is evidently clear. It’s done with fabulous nuances, carefully constructed, with each note (and instrument) made to tell a story.

We dig that, a lot.

“In a practical sense, it’s not easy being a person. In a broader sense, it’s a commentary on our tendency to over-simplify everyone but ourselves.” – Pritchard.




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