Bad Sauna ‘Niin kuin se ennen oli’ : Gander delicately embracingly in icy cold wraps of rock and of roll.

Bad Sauna

Bad Sauna released their debut single on their own label Need Money for Records in late 2019, immediately attracting interest with their relaxed attitude.

“Right then we were particularly pissed off with middle-aged bores. I suggested to Santeri that we should write a “Fuck off” song, so we did. Fuck yeah!” said Felix Lybeck.

Bad Sauna’s new single ‘Niin kuin se ennen oli’ is a delightful middle finger to middle-aged bores that was created spontaneously as Felix and Santeri Hytönen were sitting on the rocks in the Vallila district of Helsinki waiting for their practice session to get started. The band is completed with Aliisa Kerästä and Sakari Kumpula.

The proud excoriation of what’s being experienced bears all the brunt of ‘Niin kuin se ennen oli’. A stylistic nonchalance of ‘we’ll do this my way’ inklings and jaunts.

A terrified assumption of what the world has become around them, a trust of pertinence, gander delicately embracing in icy cold wraps of rock and of roll.

Bad Sauna now is signed to All That Plazz. The band’s debut album is planned for release in late 2020.


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