Bad Shapes ‘Splinter’ : Highs and lows of indecision and self-doubt.

Bad Shapes

Splinter is the single off of Bad Shape’s debut full-length album due out on March 27th. Bad Shapes’ self-titled debut LP is the manifestation of an internal dialogue, struggling with the highs and lows of indecision and self-doubt.

This theme came through naturally for the band, as all four members have come from other successful bands across the states, and found their way to Philly to try something new. The band has built its performances around lights, projectors, piles of TVs, and video synthesis; and this visual representation has become a core tenant of the album.

Bad Shapes is a four-piece indie band from Philadelphia whose sound is characterized by 3D guitar effects, a strong attention to pacing, and exaggerated dynamics and mood shifts within songs. The band consists of Peter Force (drums), Wes Harmon (guitar, synth, vocals), Mark Quitevis (guitar), and Ben Taylor (bass, vocals).


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