BAD Shares ‘Sweat’. “Workout. Look good. Feel good.”

NYC based duo Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman comes at us with their duo project, BAD. Met in high-school, the two have been writing and recording like how they were meant to be. BAD is a year old project, thrust in funk, with passion of music construction that just won’t quit.

The duo stated: “We essentially want to be what a Prince and Max Martin collaboration could have been!”

‘Sweat’ is their latest addition to their arsenal of songs, and its refreshing pop and nu-funk flavors, intermingle with vibin’ clarity. The two have successfully coalesced their nostalgia for the 80’s sound, with ample synth and beats, collectively delivering in dancey rhythms and ‘cold-drink’ like sparkle.

“We tried to marry the humor of workout culture with sexual empowerment. It’s not supposed to take itself too seriously. It has silly references like ‘bend, snap’ and ‘dry shampoo’ to keep it light”.

Dance you say?

Take our virtual hands.

Dance we shall.



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