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BadCameo Shares ‘Colors and Shapes’. “Let the vibe take you away.”

North Carolina based jazz-rock/funk band BADCAMEO delights with this obsession of the day, ‘Colors And Shapes’. The single “is a song about lust in all its forms. We sometimes lust after people and things that are attractive on the surface but are not good for us,” the band expanded. “Colors and Shapes explores the effects of being attracted to the neon-like glow of those things and the feeling of emptiness we feel when that attractions withers.”

Textured with shimmers that warm anybody’s heart and deflects any of the day’s bad karma to the wayside, this brilliant single is a beautiful example of how a song can be constructed and heard.

The band formed in 2017, and has been on a whirlwind of interest and energy. The attention gaining style of the band is all that is good when multiple genres, radically divide and multiply in such different and qualifying angles.

As we are getting acquainted with the band, let’s all get to know ‘Colors And Shapes’.

The band consists of: Dan Mead, Lando Pieroni, Will Huesman, and Geoff Weber.

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