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Badhead Hyland Shares ‘Happiness’. “Why is this happening to me…”

“In 2018, I lost everything. I experienced life as it’s worst. My fiancé left me. I lost very close people in my life to suicide. I was finding it difficult to do anything,” says TP Hyland. “I found after ten years of cynically disapproving of artists who said ‘music was therapy’ to them, finding it the most therapeutic and wonderful, cathartic thing. It was almost as if I rediscovered music again. This record pretty much saved me from slipping any further, I think”.

‘Bad luck’, if feels like, as you say it to yourself. A pitiful way to conjure a sliver of dignity, in the hopes to keep yourself from drowning in the sorrows that all came at once. It feels like drowning. It feels like life isn’t right. You aren’t right. You’re not of this world’s fabric for actually ‘living’.

You feel bad.

You feel awful.

“Why is this happening to me…”

Being totally happy, is a rare occurrence. Our busy lives, and the busy lives of the people we know, collide in desperate misses and glances. We do on with indifference, and a healthy side of macaroni and feeling inferior.

But it’s okay. You’ll get out of it.

It’s just how it is.

‘Happiness’ is the first release off of Badhead Hyland’s debut EP ‘I never planned to write a record this sad’.

See BADHEAD HYLAND next @ Bowling House, Norwich UK



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