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BADNATURE Shares ‘4U’. “Rides into the heat of attrition…anew”

Right out of a venerated past, BADNATURE, comes at us with a refreshing shoegazy single about love and the love-less in ‘4U’. The intrepid calls to the wilds of infatuations and relationships, carry the unfettered remnants of the remaining to and fro from battle. The war had just begun, and in the midst, a warrior with a past, and a singular focus, rides into the heat of attrition.

‘4U’ is a grand and sweeping, guitar dripping shimmer of a single. It delicately rows in between the lyrical works of the mind of Arman Asadsangabi and nudges the elbows, to indicate that it’s present.

The project, though only a month ago (as of this review), to Arman’s credit, sounds as tactile and mature as a seasoned band of many years. Not to say that he hasn’t been in the Nashville music scene, he brings his experience as a musician from many other genres, and puts his supple music depth to exposure, here with BADNATURE.

With this latest of his creations, his ai is to dive head first into the pop/alternative music scene, and see how and where the edges of rock, pop, hiphop, can merge and intermingle.

So far, an admirable start to his journey, indeed.

Looking forward to more.



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