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Baerd Release For Our Pleasure, Single ‘Mole Hills’. Maybe, And Sometimes, Maybe-Not.

Staying straight and narrow. Focused. Does it apply in the exercise to heal a broken heart? And when should that broken heart be mended? Immediately? Tomorrow? Week after? Months later? Being ‘miserable’ is part of that process of ‘healing’, right? Isn’t it?

“Tell me it is.”

Maybe, and sometimes, maybe-not.

Only you know yourself. It’s a crooked world, sometimes.

Jailed in the husk you call a body, frozen by the seemingly insignificant trauma, not of your fault, but owned now by your emotions. Guilt, by association, perhaps, but very relevant, either way.

And you shrug, after such thoughts. The struggle, is too much to resist.

Can one thought, eat you alive?

Isaiah Beard’s take on life and his own passing of life’s moments on that proverbial side of the road, is unique. That’s expected. However, always, the interpretation and the way in which the ‘output’ is formed and communicated. That is wholly OF the artist. With modern folk-pop vocals coming from his throat, he melds a diary-esque thread, in the big effort to subside the gnawing feelings, within – personal – introverted.

“why am I feeling this way? Why am I feeling anything at all?” – Beard.

Traumatized young, and mentally incapable of dealing with external chaos in his personal life, his path lead to assistance and eventual rehabilitation in Montana & Idaho. There he found a voice for his feelings, and a mechanism to cope with his ‘demons’ (although not of his making). There, with help from professionals and friends, he dove into what ‘music’ COULD become for him. “I hope people can get lost – and found – in [his songs].” The band continues on the path to a kind of ‘personal salvation’ to this day.

The band consists of: Isaiah Beard, Paul “Papabear” Johnson, Ben “Flapjack” Knorr, Maxfield Anderson, Victor “Ol Blue” Pacek, John Blanda, Ariel Loud, and Mariana Forjaz Secca.



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