BAILE x Kauf ‘Leave Me’ : Forever waiting in that gorgeous gray of love and lust.


Reed Kackley, the Brooklyn-based producer operating under the moniker BAILE, makes texturally rich dance music inspired by house and downtempo.

Beautifully significant. Androgynously palpable. Lovingly crafted. Vexing in its emotions and outcropping blooms of introspection.

The times of time, in the intelligence of within – kept it a secret for all to involve. He blinked enough for her to notice. She blinked in her mind, “Now I know”. And from that forth, a new alchemy of feelings…a beautiful emboldened feeling, grasped at the muscle tissues of their existence.

Forever intertwined.

Forever waiting in that gorgeous gray of love and lust.

Said Baile: “When I’m listening to music I find myself more drawn to individual sounds and textures within a song rather than the songs as a whole. During the writing process, I focus on juxtaposing raw elements with synthetic ones, creating something that can feel crisp and clean but also organic and natural.”

His debut EP, ‘Matter’ (July ’15) combined minimal electronic compositions with lush vocal performances by featured artists like Felicia Douglass (Ava Luna, Gemma) & Marie Kim (Blank Paper). The last couple of years have found Kackley releasing music on Above & Beyond’s Anjunadeep & UK DJ/Producer Sasha’s label: Last Night On Earth.

Vibe. Embrace.

Kauf / Photo: Thomas Taugher


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