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The New Division – Jealous

When a relationship is in spiral downwards, there’s just about nothing else you can do to stop that momentum. Arguably it is harder to improve than the momentum you’d felt in the height of the relationship. In life, the negative things stick with you faster and for longer. Bad language, sinful actions during high school, naughty sex – it just seems more fun. Breaking up is certainly ‘un-fun’, but as THE NEW DIVISION (a John Glenn Kunkel production) deems it a fascinating dip into a person’s mind during such crisis. And as it always does in ‘Jealous’, there’s just no coming back from that fate. The world will fall apart – you, strewn on the wet concrete sidewalk, crying inside, devolving from existence. Well, that’s at least one way to see it. Can it be overcome? You decide.

Old Nobodaddy – Read ’em and Weep

With wilting vocals of angst and a blues entrenched intro, ‘Read ’em And Wee’ comes at us with a strangely invigorating solution for those days of ‘blah’. At the surface, there’s just enough of tension to justify the emotional attraction. But then as the song progresses, that fire and brimstone attitude of the lyrics, burst out with ample excitement. OLD NOBODADDY is is a project of “a bastard child of teeth and nails and old wives tales”. With this kind of music, there’s no doubt that is so. Word.

Catch a Dinosaur – The Ride

CATCH A DINOSAUR is a walk around the block. It’s a walk out the front door, on a crisp but warm spring morning. The dew still present in the air, your pet puppy, enthusiastically guides you on the pavement of dreams. The memories of that interaction with the Universe, through the visage of a town block, your thoughts and premise about your footprint, is minced and sautéed to produce a golden glow. Then you wake up to see your ceiling, in white paint, as usual. That’s ‘The Ride’ when listening. The constant and banal, becomes an interesting, short, but intense hike in never-never-land for a little bit. It’s a fabulous ride, although in another dimension.

Tied Heart – Gossamer

TIED HEART is Pittsburg artist Alex Hartle. And his vocals are just beautiful to listen to. The empathetic effervescence of his voice, mixed with the goodness of the positive vibes in ‘Gossamer’, concocts a radiant shimmer that is as fairy-tale-ish and poetic as we’d want. And we sure do want it. The clear and applicable tone of the single, is one part of the expected vastness of Alex’s upcoming new debut album ‘An Hedon’. Alex explores “identity, mental health, and social issues” and the bold brushed aromatics of his songs make it a beautiful entrance to another chapter of life. There’s a subtlety to Alex’s song, and we can’t wait experience more.

Bailey Poteat – Make Me Stop Loving You (feat. Andrea Levinsky)

BAILEY POTEAT is a product of Hickory, North Carolina. The southerner now calls New York City as home. And in this mix of cultures makes for interesting alchemy. That is what we think of when we listen to the duet of Bailey and Andrea Levinsky. Entrenched in the classic soft-rock love ballads of the 70’s, the modern country-rock single, infuses 80’s hair-rock sensibilities which keeps reminding us to raise our arms to show off the cigarette lighter in unison with the audience. But the urge is too great. So, we raise our arms to salute this nostalgic offering. Bravo.


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