BAIRD ‘Sunken Place’ : Glimpses into a mind’s eye of expectations in love and the un-loved.


Turn of your notion for what is real. BAIRD’s ‘Sunken Place’ glimpses into a mind’s eye of expectations in love and the un-loved.

‘’The song is about how at the moment society is in a sunken place and we are all trying to escape the feeling of being isolated and separated from others and that relates to the feeling of taking time and loving yourself before loving someone else’’.

Trying desperately to be someone, in this crowded and difficult world. Love is everywhere, but no where if you can’t accept it.

BAIRD reminds us that in any quantity of love, small or large, you must recognize first and never try to diminish that gift. For love can grow, like the sunflower on your window sill. Nurtures and embraced, you can become what you’d always wanted to be.

Let’s hope.

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