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Balthazar, Art Director, Us Presidents, Erin Eades, Hayesville.

Balthazar – Entertainment

January 25th, in the year of 2019, the beat and taste maker of BALTHAZAR makes light of our predicaments with ‘Entertainment’. They laugh at our whims. They laugh at our taste in music. They snicker at the unmoving legs of ours, when we start to listen to this funky/jazz ensemble. We look around, and it’s apparent that it’s up to us to try. So, we get up, and we move our arms, then our hips, and then our knees. We owe it to ourselves to do so. Now the soul of the music is within us. Hear them roar. New band member Tijs Delbeke (replacing Patricia Vanneste) joins Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere in this fab video.

Art Director – Seven Seasons

Why are we into ART DIRECTOR’s single ‘Seven Seasons’? Because in this solo pop-electro project based in Kiev, Ukraine, the melding of indie-pop, indie-rock, and saccharine pop melt together to make something just very interesting and significant. Feel the emotions. Feel the struggles. Feel the manic efforts made by the protagonist by the vocals. It speaks volumes.

Us Presidents – Ur The One

US PRESIDENTS from Denton, Texas drives up the fast food drive-through, orders a Whopper and pays with this delectable single ‘Ur The One’. And we don’t mind. The fast food supervisor dances to it. The band positively digs our hole in the ground and says eat the dang Whoppers, with post-grunge attitude and profoundly fabulous rock harmonies. You can’t get away from the oddly attractive aesthetics of this single

Erin Eades – Whiskey River II

ERIN EADES’s ‘Whiskey River II’ comes off of her new EP ‘Diary’. The Kansas Missouri based Americana-Country artist’s lyrics keep you rooted deep within the regularities of life, but the song’s wishes of possible futures, makes us want to daydream. Like anything else, conviction in self confidence makes what’s ‘right’ in this world of music and story telling. Erin’s got it, and we’ll be waiting to hear more and more from the artist.

Hayesville – House On Stilts

HAYESVILLE is a Swedish artist and musician focused in American Roots. And in ‘House On Stilts’ the Cologne, Germany based singer/songwriter delicately dashes the sky with sprinkles of love and affection, for all of us to enjoy. The beautiful strings, along with the dainty playfulness of the clanging percussions, make this a welcome delight in an otherwise hectic day.


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