Bambi ‘Here and Now’ : Supple and minimal acoustics. Shine through the darkness.


The 24 year old talent’s simplicity is complex as much as the thoughts that she let’s bloom. A realm of visions which will never get to see or feel or imagine. Revelry in poetic alchemy, oozes with charisma.

Charming overtures in supple and minimal acoustics still makes Bambi’s words of love and adoration, shine through the darkness. A decadent array in waves of audible sentimentalities, drawn up initially by the pencil handling hands and fingers of Bambi, drizzle into life in her singles.

Like her lovely single ‘Paper Cuts’, Bambi’s unaltered honesty in telling her stories, ember like hot flames, passionate, grand and ravishing.

‘Here and Now’ is from her EP ‘Love Is a Song That Never Ends’, out now.


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