Bandana ‘Worlds Burning’ : Aesthetics surge into your brain cells and nestles in for a journey


“‘Worlds Burning’ our Second single is hard hitting with a punk rock feel Written during the height of the Australian Bush fire crisis of 2020,” said Bandana. “We tried to capture the feel of Chaos during that time with all the chaos around the world…”

Forming in Western Sydney in November of 2019 Bandana Consists Of vocalist Micky Stixxx, bassist Jeremy Walters, guitarist Jake Harris and drummer Sean Wigham. With influences from The Rolling Stones all the way to Motley Crue, Bandana prides themselves with a raw ‘pure rock and roll’ sound.

Cantankerous invocations and growls in animal instincts, Bandana’s aesthetics surge into your brain cells and nestles in for a journey you’d never had. A sound brimming with 70’s attitude, enveloped in the best traditions of no-nonsense riffs, the gritty absolutions from the ‘give it all’ band, gets you smilin’ and then some.

Rock, indeed.

Let’s celebrate with Bandana.

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Words burning🔥🔥🔥 bandana’s second single!

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