banned society ‘first night, is it for real? // interlude 1’ : Mahogany dreams and unfettered passions, collide in the drizzled passions

banned society

“The music video is dedicated to the magic of the early stages of relationships,” the band stated, “it continues the global idea of our long play.”

“first night, is it for real?” is a hypnotic journey through the night city. The streets are flooded with neon light – as if in Nicolas Winding Refn films. The color scheme is identical – from malachite to deep blue with bright flashes of red. Heroes here are in no hurry to act and unveil themselves to the outside world. They simply exist in this atmosphere – amazingly natural and vibrant.

“American motel room is a place where very strange, forbidden or even dangerous things can happen. So our heroes are hiding from reality in four walls. There was no such a place in Kyiv, therefore, our art department had to create a room of a typical motel and stylize its facade,” director Ekaterina Mingazirova said of the video.

banned society presented their third album “i was stupid, now i’m not” (November 2019), which delivers a story about the dreams coming true in love. The album itself is kind a patchwork quilt of memories, emotions and a variety of genres.

Mahogany dreams and unfettered passions, collide in the drizzled passions from banned society.


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