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Banquet Shares ‘Am I Man Enough?’ “Intricate. Interesting. Understated Gem.”

Not only is BANQUET’s latest melancholic indie-rock single ‘Am I Man Enough?’ drive your senses to double check exactly whether that you are one – it flourishes and ebbs, to a degree in abstract pertinence which ends up at a cul de sac of the mind.

To be honest that cul de sac in your mind wasn’t getting the amount of attention that it deserved. It’s a nice cul de sac. Nice houses around it, with a nice and equal circular path for all passers-by to do a safe ‘u-ey’. Like al cul de sacs, it’s a neighborly ‘psa’.

But all that non-attention got you nothin’.

It was your fault. And you knew it.

As your life crumbled, you second guessed at the little things in life which prevented you from looking at the ‘good’ things in life.

Girlfriend, family, job, Sundays, football season, a nice stack of your favorite BBQ meats.

So, let’s get with it. Let’s get back to a better you.

You’re man enough to admit lost battles, and regroup.

It’s the honorable and right thing to do, for that un-attended ‘dead end’ in your brain.

Let’s get to work.

‘Am I Man Enough’ is a fabulous single from a self describe “…Band for hire”. The vets of the Jacksonville music scene combines intricately and (most importantly) interestingly both country and rock to produce understated gems like this single. It captivates with sullied vocals, that is full of trepidation and apathy, layered on top of lyrics that jaunt the extremities with heavy questions.

It’s sad song, done Banquet style. And we dig it lots.

The band consists of: Dean Winter, Brandon Thompson, Jack Mock, Jeremy Blanton, and Ryan Kennedy.



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