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Banquet // The Away Days // The Kevin Conness Band // Losion // Fever Days

Banquet – Bleed Sweat

BANQUET is a delicious folk-rock band from the wilds of Florida. Tints of all country, rock, and bluegrass inhibitions, the lyrics of the band captures the sanctities of private preambles to the n’th degree. Dance if you want, even if it’s melancholic. Cry even if you think it’s happy. But always you get to celebrate better, as the gang in BANQUET instills the sounds of honesty and sincerity we all hope to grasp and derive. ‘Bleed Sweat’ is a ballad of and for choices. It relegates the needy to the satisfied, as the country wrangling soothes the disheartened to a gentle and fulfilling night out on the town. Bring your leather boots.

The Away Days – Designed

Oğuz Can Özen and Sezer Koç constructs the sound of THE AWAY DAYS. From the minds and hearts of the duo, comes about shades of climates, draped with the blood of loves from losses and victories. Istanbul, Turkey based, the shimmer and unfettered gracefulness of ‘Designed’ is like the world colliding into the face of one. The one who would love you. The one who could love you. Think of the slight of hand, from left to right – it sends you to a tizzy of melodrama and enigmatic procurements in heartfelt layers and textures. As you dive into the blue, you drive up from the sandy shores, through the vastness of colors – profound to the touch. The band said “Istanbul feels like a black hole, more and more each day, pushing us to question life itself. We are left to wonder if everything around us is being touched and dictated by another power… not by God, but something else.” Beautiful and exploratory, THE AWAY DAYS is a welcome shower of passions, jilted with synthesized warmth, and driven upon the ravenous. Pop sounds good, indeed.

The Kevin Conness Band – Ain’t No Proof

Raspy and gritty, THE KEVIN CONNESS BAND makes making love to the thoughts of that which we can caress, a beautifully constructed blues habit. The extravaganza of ‘Ain’t No Proof’ makes that act, as sultry as the first time you’d seen the love of your life. Well, at least you thought so. But that is the point of this song. It is a ballad towards love, but a distinctly descriptive angst towards that chemical balancing act. The jazz driven, blues vibe of TKCB is of the traditions of heroes like Eric Johnson and Gary Moore. The decadence is in the framing by the instruments. The upper cut pow is from the lyrical honesty and pragmatic acceptance. Drawing from personal experiences realize and extract to sudden capacity. Relationships of love are made. Even if it’s difficult sometimes. TKCB deals with it.

Losion – Opal

‘Opal’ is the first single from LOSION’s debut 5 track EP ‘Outtallectuals’. It is a fusion of the mind and prog-rock fabulousness. It is metal, within an instrumental jazz extravaganza and mindset. Add to it, the dub stylings from modern pop attentions, and you have a galactic vibe of shimmer and glitter that is hard to pull away from. From traditions of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Jeff Beck, this non-guitar solo centric endeavor, still brings much of the ambience and emotions that the previously mentioned legends bring in their own offerings. ‘Opal’ is a decadent affection to the light of what music could be. It is the artistic contortions of making stories out of sonic resonance, when words don’t do it justice. Ludovic Delespierre is LOSION, and ‘Opal’ is that compulsion perfect for the day’s conclusions.

Fever Days – I See Through It

FEVER DAYS is the Newcastle upon Tyne based band that makes fun of us all. Why? Because we’d bee late to their pop-rock goodness, that’s why. Well, they’d never said that, but we think that they should. Because it’s hard not to love the danceable single ‘I See Through It’ and the regret of not having it by our side during that stressful time during work. You all know what we’re talking about. So, guess they could make fun of us at CHF, because we sure need their dose of fun guitar licks, playful lyrics and dangerously rad sense of humor to guide us along. the indie-rock elements of FEVER DAYS, is light and airy and never ceases to satisfy. It’s like that snack in the middle of the day that gets you pumped for the next several more hours – au natural. You’re proud and excited. Don’t mind our silliness, FEVER DAYS’ single is a fab addition to your rotation, and has a buzz for a reason.


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