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Barnett Ghastly Espouses And Slays W/ Single ‘You never care’. Nihilism Never Was This Assuming.

Empty feelings and misused emotional baggages decry this single by Barnett Ghastly. ‘You Never Care’ is a detriment to our psyche and to our brooding thoughts within our cells. It can be dangerous. It can be ominous. It can be, what it wants to be. Nihilism of the significant other. Or reflected in another way, it can be projection of your deeper attitudes, you’d never thought you owned.

Own it.

Walking up and down on those new pair of sneaker made him feel very good. It was a feeling between being proud and being just happy. Being ‘proud’ meant that there was some work done by him to purchase the pair. In fact there was work done to get these sweet, sweet fabric concoctions.

Being ‘happy’ had no presupposed or pre-existing cause for that emotional action. There wasn’t a burden, per se. This was Jared’s personality. A personality that over comes all that is in his vicinity. In fact, his personality trumped all other enveloping feelings in a particular room, or gathering.

It was as if there was a basic animal ‘scent’ that he possessed.

The green, green pastures of a gathering died or lived with him.

It was power he’d always had in his finger tips.

But he didn’t care.


No one wanted to be with him.

Angela stood alone in the catering hall, brooding and thinking – by herself.

“Look at him having a great time. Whatever…”

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