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BARNS COURTNEY Shares ’99’. “You’re Turned Inside-Weird. But It’s All Cool.”

Were people like that in 1999? Yes. Was it that stodgy and stuffy? Yes. But do we love it in the best nostalgic way, possible? Yes. And who else can make it as fun as possible? BARNS COURTNEY.

Barns can acclimate himself to any kind of genre. Pop, rock, everything in between. And in ’99’ his humorous side just spills over again, and again, with the kind of accessible smile that only he can provide.

It’s weird, but we think he should have a TV show to star in. Well, at least acting.

The British singer/songwriter is about entertainment, and he always does his best to come through.

However, it wasn’t all roses, for he’d had his share of hard times.

“My first single appeared in this Bradley Cooper movie and before I knew it I got this call from my manager while I was slinging laptops at Currys and PC World who told me I didn’t have to work there anymore. I was so downtrodden after my experiences that even when I was sat in Virgin Records with a bottle champagne in one hand signing on the dotted line, I just couldn’t speak to anyone. I was so afraid the rug was going to be pulled from under me. It was another two years before I thought it might actually turn out alright.”

Now he’s here. Entertaining us like a trooper, every day.

We love the song and the tact the music video has, as well.



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