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Barrie Rose Drops ‘Song A Day Challenge’ EP.

Somewhere along the path of what is and what isn’t, there is Barrie Rose. The artist is a pentatonic scale in subtlety and art pop melange of messages, upfront and beyond. The rant of an old bastard, and the rant of a young, predictions in human conversations and universal discourse. Barrie Rose is keeping an eye on things. And through her latest mini EP ‘Song A Day Challenge’, we’ll meet her at that corner near the bodega; she’s waiting for you, looking, peering.

She holds her arms out, suggesting a hug. Go to her.

The 2 songs on the EP shouldn’t have any effect. However, they do. The copious notes taken of the song, doesn’t matter in the long run. That pen in your head runs dry, and it must be refilled.

There’s no promise to the EP filling that gap.

But they sure do present some new challenges and discoveries.

They are really good though. No doubt.

Kudos, BR. Kudos.

Buy [HERE]



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